Fun To Watch: Why being Dominant Isn’t Everything.

Posted: 03/17/2013 in Football, Video
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I’ve had to defend my viewing habits on a couple occasions this week. Waking up at 8 am  to watch a game or turning off Man United to watch the NY Red Bulls raises concern in the minds of the uninitiated.

Man City’s loss to Everton was worth the early start to the day. I put it that way because Everton had no business being as disciplined and productive as they we’re after the red card. They looked for no favors and gave no quarter.

David Moyes has never received any compliments from me, I have no great love for Liverpool Blue or Red. But the team he’s built is one of the best to watch in the EPL. When they play well they leave nothing on the table, all action and commitment.

In the age of the juggernaut teams (United, Barca) a good plan and intimidation get the jo done. There’s no mystery or gamble as to who’s winning. 15 points ahead is a lead that hardly seems reasonable. The title race is over but teams like Everton keep it interesting.

The gulf has forced managers lower in the league to play more adventurous soccer. It’s not about tactics, teams like Wigan, Newcastle, Everton and Aston Villa play with great style even if they don’t have the points to show for it. If I was advising a new fan on games to watch I’d point to the teams with something to fight for.

The reason United gets so much criticism as they grind the bones of their opposition is the loss of  their style. They are winning games without that impressive swagger. It’s no fun. Chelsea had the same criticism when they won three straight under Mourinho.  I’m sure Sir Alex isn’t bothered though. Mancini might be but he couldn’t be reached for comment.



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