You’ll be forgiven if you missed the Champions League Match between the Seattle Sounders and Tigres UANL. The CONCACAF Champions League hardly gets the publicity or coverage of its European counterpart. It’s format is far from straight forward, I can never tell what stage they are in and I watch soccer the way some people breathe air, constantly.(Group stages and qualifying took place starting last July)

The point is, under the cover of obscurity, and Lionel Messi destroying AC Milan; a great game was played on our shores, by our teams. Seattle came into the game two goals down on aggregate and no real hope of going through. A US/MLS team had never beaten Mexican opposition to make it into the Semifinals since the format change. US teams have hard going against Mexican opposition any roads and a comeback didn’t seem likely especially an additional goal down going into the second half.

Two thunderbolts and a surgical strike later, Seattle had gotten through to the next round. Eddie Johnson is already an American staple but DeAndre Yedlin and Djimi Traore are now heroes for the Sounders. Their 30+ yard rockets came from outer space.

Today Is the European Round of 16 closer but if you happen to catch the quaterfinals of the CCL, you could surprise yourself to some good soccer.


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