Cartoon Supervillainy 101

Posted: 02/13/2013 in Humor, News, Opinion
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Kim Jong Un

Them! Kill Them!

North Korea have elevated their status as members of some super villain association. They’ve created an earthquake! With nuclear bombs! This should cause fear in the heart of all unlucky enough to call Kim Jong Un and his legions of henchmen enemies.

Unfortunately the class 5 earthquake was hardly more vigorous than a shake weight demonstration. Even worse for those dastardly detonators is that earthquakes produced by human activity are fairly common. Shit, Tesla had an earthquake machine, among other outlandish super villain standards. A Death Ray, really?

But while I joke about this recent activity North Korea’s repressive nature is still pretty serious. Things are changing. Kim Jong Un isn’t his father or his grandfather. that kind of crazy is hard to top. I also have it on good authority that people everywhere appreciate living without the threat of assassination or arrest without cause. Like the cartoon villain all security mad governments get it in the end just not in the compact 30 minute window we’re accustomed to.


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