medium_3925950706I’m a stranger in a town full of strangers. I have a lot of getting to know you conversations. They’re all pretty bland and leave you without any real insight past the human billboard smiling and telling you they love the mountains and doing spontaneous adventures. Doing lots of adventures…

Somebody asked me what music I like, not really caring the answer. They were just waiting to recognize a band and react. No harm, I didn’t care enough to give an interesting answer.

But it got me thinking…

Music NAZI

See what I mean.

People take music so seriously. It can be an “Come in We’re Open.” sign or a Rottweiler chained to the front of the house. Which is a shame. If people were honest with themselves they’d admit if you like a song, it’s not up to you, you just feel it and know. Unfortunately, we use it as a mask or a ticket to acceptance, or rejection. There’s always some music Nazi ready to shit on your tastes. 

As an experiment, I I’ve found the 25 bands I listen to the most. I did this by hitting the play count on media player so it’s objective. I didn’t have to think about it, this is just what I listen to most.

I’m going to turn this into a music column until I find the resources to do better for you guys. Each week I’ll highlight a band their songs and what I know about them. This way I’ll never have to explain my tastes I’ll just refer them here.medium_5282365618

I made no alteration and I make no defense. This is just what I like and an effort to promote honesty in human interaction. Next time someone asks me about my music taste I’ll ask what have you listened to 124 times in the past 3 years.

Beethoven *

Harvey Danger


The Misfits

The Teeth


Elliot Smith

The Walkmen


Bill Callahan

Tom Waits

Wax Tailor/RJD2

Talking Heads

Fiona Apple

Man Man


Billie Holiday


Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs

Dr. Dog

Electric Six

White Stripes


Aesop Rock


I know everyone uses Pandora to remove choice but you’ve still got Mp3s. Let’s see what’s on your player. Comment with your lists.

* I only have one Beethoven song but it’s a good one. The best one maybe.small_196079075


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