Remembering Munich

Posted: 02/06/2013 in Football
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'Old Trafford 015' photo (c) 2011, Nick - license:

The Busby Babes.

Today in 1958, Manchester United’s Busby babes suffered the worst tragedy in the teams history. Returning home from a European match against Red Star Belgrade, their plane crashed killing 23 players, staff and journalists. Eight players died in the crash.

Even after experiencing such horror, the surviving members of the squad continued to play on. Just 13 days later they played an FA cup semi-final and won 3-0, eventually losing to Bolton in the final.

The defiantly successful group of young players were shattered.  Sir Matt Busby was hospitalized and twice given last rites. The World War II survivor lived to re build the team and return to success. A full 10 years later Busby had a new crop of talent and lifted the European trophy he was in search of when the crash took place.   55 years on, February 6th, is still a day to venerate those lost and marvel at the resilience of the club to become what it is today.

'Legends' photo (c) 2008, Eirik Refsdal - license:

Best, Law and Charlton. Charlton and Busby survived the crash to become legends.


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