On January 25th the cast of the adventures of Pete and Pete recently had a reunion at the 12th annual San Francisco Sketchfest. They’ve had plenty of reunions but they capped this one with a sketch for Funny or Die. Petes, Endless Mike, Artie (Strongest man in the world) Mr. Tasty got together at a bar. You’ll see the rest.

I try to avoid too nostalgic but I’ve always been guilty of it. It’s obnoxious when you’re 25, I don’t have the rights yet.  I always loved this show. As cheesy as the dialog was, They made sharp points every joke had two punch lines. I mean every joke that wasn’t exclusively about snot or blowholes. Iggy Pop and Steve Buscemi play suburban dads! You have to admit at every level that is just good. They approached big issues like regret and abandonment, freedom, fair play, and adequate Riboflavin intake in ways that would probably get a show canceled or on HBO today.

Plus they gave us Polaris, a TV band that puts the Monkees to shame. 


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