Will This Work Harry?

January is over, which means rent is due. It also means that the European Transfer window closed. Like any other January there were surprises and with Harry Redknapp in charge of QPR the usual mid-season splurge. Here is a list of who made the most of the of their time and who F-ed it all up.

Winner- The MLS

Brek Shea just moved to Stoke City. The American winger joins Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore and the body of Stuart Holden as a former MLS player making the jump to Europe. Say what you will about Stoke City but they are comfortably in 10th place in one of the most competitive leagues in the world. MLS players are now recognized as quality players and getting the call up to the bigger leagues.

Loser- Peter Odemwingie


I’ve got a cunning plan…

This plan was straight from the Trailer Park Boys. But like the hapless Canadians, the big dirty eluded the Nigerian by some distance. The striker’s streaky form has left him out of both a strong West Brom side and his national team. Somewhere he figured he could cash in on the last big payday. He just wanted to do it without talking to his club, or the club allegedly buying him, QPR. Good luck playing now Peter.

Winner- Capitalism

David Beckham probably knew where he was going to sign before he left LA. At any point before the deadline day Beckham could have been unveiled and properly introduced to the club. Instead they held out to the last day and created a spectacle even offering his wages to charity. No knocks to Beckham, he can do as he likes. It just seemed a bit much for signing a second mascot.


Zlatan is watching you Becks…

Loser- Man City

 They’re not really loser but they did dump 17 million worth of dead weight and a mo-hawked madman throwing punches at the coach. A simpler squad should be a positive in a side challenging for the big stuff. Everyone has to know they can’t just sit around and collect.

Winner- Galatasaray

In a year I could be wrong but how can it be bad to add Didier Drogba and Wesley Sneijder to your side? Galatasaray are one of Europe’s storied sides competing in the Champions League, for a top player that means something. A beautiful tax code doesn’t hurt either. I’m surprised Becks didn’t fly in.

Loser – AC Milan

I just don’t see what needs to happen happening. Balotelli needs a player who can channel the madness into football productivity. He’s a toxic element as it stands and could go the way of many alsorans. He’s a talented player when he’s not running the Mario Show. 

Gamblers- QPR

I can’t say where Harry will lead Rangers. He’s pulled the great escape before. They are playing considerably better than at the start and middle of the season. I don’t know if buy all the benched players in England will do much but I’m glad to see Jermaine Jenas and Tal Ben Haim. They were to of the most entertaining players in the last decade of football. I love an underdog and Harry loves a challenge. Something in me says it could go their way.   


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